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Selby District Council

Direct link to biodiversity plan (PDF)

… audience for the Selby BAP is landowners and land managers, policymakers and policy implementers, developers, individuals in the wider community and businesses, their employees and customers. The need to conserve biodiversity Ecosystem services – natural systems provide our basic life-support structures, based on air, soil and climate. These provide our food, oxygen and materials, act…

…). Action on climate change, through wiser energy and transport use. Enlightened management of publicly owned land. Planning context for biodiversity 14. Planning Policy Guidance 9: Nature Conservation, (DoE5), (PPG9) advises how the Government’s policies for the conservation of our natural heritage are to be reflected in land use planning. It embodies the Government’s commitment…

… their management in order to keep them in favourable condition for wildlife. It may also be possible to restore habitats lost to recent changes in land use, or to create new habitats, but these measures are inferior to the adequate safeguarding of our existing resources. A rich and varied countryside benefits wildlife by sustaining the habitats they need and also by providing corridors between these key…

… resources on breeding, foraging or resting. Care should be taken to minimise disturbance, for example when exercising dogs close to a concentration of birds (e.g. at a roost or where ground-nesting birds may be present). All Wildlife surveys on development sites. Where it is considered that there is wildlife interest on a site facing a change of land use, a wildlife survey should…


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