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Suffolk County Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… electricity usage to help manage the increasing demands on the electricity grid. Other measures for homes include electric vehicle (EV) charging points and rooftop solar installations, linking into initiatives for transport and clean power. Energy efficiency measures can ease fuel poverty, contributing to a sustainable recovery. Goals Goal 1 – Transition to a fully decarbonised heat supply for homes

… schemes such as BEE Anglia that can help support businesses in implementing energy efficiency measures. Goal 3 – Heat decarbonisation in the commercial sector Over 70% of heat energy for the domestic, industry and service sectors comes from burning natural gas3. Heat networks may have potential in the non- domestic sector and public sector partners will support collaboration in linking up potential…

… sectors – buildings, transport, industry, and power – need to reduce emissions to almost zero. In brief, this means that: 1 homes and other buildings need to become more energy efficient, so they need less energy to power them. And the supply of heat needs to be fully decarbonised, for example, by replacing gas boilers with heat pumps or low carbon heat networks. 2 transport needs to be decarbonised…

… Climate Emergency Plan OUR JOURNEY TO CARBON NEUTRALITY 11 Sector 2: Sustainable homes Homes accounted for over 25% of CO2 emissions in Suffolk in 2018. To achieve carbon neutrality in Suffolk, the homes sector will need to reduce its GHG emissions practically to zero. Changing how homes are heated is critical. However, two other goals are important: preparing for new technology; and reducing…

…. Heat decarbonisation is a priority for Suffolk. Depending on how much demand can be met by scoping heat networks, 300,000 or more homes in Suffolk may need heat pumps by 2030. This would represent a significant expansion of roll- out of this technology. Goal 2 – Improved energy efficiency of homes. Alongside roll-out of low carbon heating, homes will need to become more energy efficient…


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