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Buckinghamshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… 24 particularly cold winter would lead to more emission from gas heating systems are used than expected, but within a longer-term trend of emission reductions. Table 5 below sets out these indicative allocations for the first carbon budget period. Table 5 - First Carbon Budget Annual Emission Allocations Year Indicative Carbon…

… and improvements to our heating system, to reduce emissions by over 4,000 tonnes / year and energy savings close to £1 million a year. This strategy therefore looks to build on this good practice and experience and continue to reduce our emissions in the future. We also continue to support emissions reductions from across Buckinghamshire in the way we deliver services, for example by: • Increasing…

… – thereby preventing flooding. Trees, and green roofs and walls, also cool the air – this helps reduce the amount of energy required for cooling buildings thereby saving the emissions associated with producing the energy. Green roofs and walls also act as an additional layer of insulation on a building and this helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool it. There are ancillary benefits…

…/bills/2019-21/environment.html 11 Climate Change Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) create a ‘greenhouse effect’. This is where infrared radiation, in the form of heat, (and short wave radiation) from the Sun is trapped causing the Earth to warm. As concentrations of GHGs in the atmosphere increase, our planet gets hotter. GHGs come, or are emitted, from various sources…


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