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Westminster City Council

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… options to improve the efficiency and reduce the carbon impact of PDHU. Potential opportunities include: generating low carbon heat using heat pump technology, making use of waste heat from the Underground and improving heat controls in PDHU-supplied homes. Improving the energy performance of council buildings and assets. The council has secured £13 million through the government’s Public Sector…

… centres Waste and recycling vehicles Council and Highways vehicles 2.1% 37.4% 33% 13.7% 7.3% 6.6% PDHU overview PDHU is the oldest district heating scheme in the UK and the largest in London. It was developed and built in the 1940s, using waste heat from Battersea Power Station to provide local heat and hot water for residents, distributed by a network of underground pipes. It currently…

… such as solar energy is made significantly more difficult by the high number of listed buildings and conservation area status of much of Westminster • Significant funding will be required to make the necessary changes, which also depend on the availability of new renewable technologies such as combined heat and power systems • The draft City Plan 2040 states that major developments should achieve net…

… sustainable and active travel. Our green streets and open spaces absorb carbon, build climate resilience and improve health and wellbeing. 3. INTRODUCTION Burning fossil fuels and other human activities have caused greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide to increase significantly in the atmosphere. This process causes the earth’s atmosphere to trap more heat, making…

… city environment, we are more vulnerable to extreme heat, as well as surface water, river and tidal flood risk. These risks will increase with climate change. We need to develop a city that can cope with the challenges that climate change will bring – including more trees and vegetation to help provide shade and cool the local area and buildings that are designed to be cool in extreme heat


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