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Dorset Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… Advisory Panel Greenhouse gas (GHG) The Earth can maintain a regular average temperature (about 15°C), despite heat leaving the planet’s surface. This is because a layer of gases in the atmosphere ab- sorb and release heat – a process known as the green- house effect. Greenhouse gases are those that have this effect, each with differing lifetimes and abilities to capture heat (infrared…

… Climate change poses numerous risks to health and wellbeing. The World Health Organisation estimates an increase of 250,000 excess deaths per year between 2030 and 2050, due to the impacts of cli- mate change. These impacts include heat-related mortality, increases in diseases, such as dengue fever and malaria, increased respiratory illness, and mortality due to extreme weather events. Indirect…

…, and optimism. In addition, it may also foster a sense of meaning and personal growth (otherwise referred to as post- traumatic growth), as people band together to salvage, rebuild, and console amongst the chaos and loss of a changing climate. / 08 Impact of Climate Change on Physical, Mental, and Community Health Medical & Physical Health - Changes in fitness & activity level - Heat

… of climate change impacts will depend on how successful the world is at curbing greenhouse gas emissions, but overall, the models predict - important, due to their magnitude now and in the future. AVERAGE TEMPERATURES WILL RISE by between 1-7 degrees – with increased intensity and frequency of heat waves and hotter summers. RAIN FALL PATTERNS WILL CHANGE with warmer wetter winters…

…, business revenues, and, in extreme cases, the viability of communities. RISKS TO HEALTH, WELLBEING, AND PRODUC- TIVITY FROM HIGH TEMPERATURES – tripling prema- ture heat-related deaths by the 2050s within an aging popula- tion RISK OF SHORTAGES IN THE PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY, AND FOR AGRICULTURE, ENERGY GEN- ERATION, AND INDUSTRY – putting increasing pressure and competition on industry, farming…


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