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Newcastle-Under-Lyme District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… ‘Very Good’ stand- ards, has solar panels, and combined heat and power systems. • We will deploy sustainable building techniques in or work to refurbish Kids- grove Sports Centre. • We are currently exploring options to bring forward key housing sites and associated infrastructure and consider how solutions might use energy sourced at point such as through air/ground heat source pumps, solar…

… fillings are captured by abatement plant, along with particulate and other emissions. 100% of our cremations are mercury abated and recovera- ble metals are recycled through a national scheme. • Keele Cemetery utilises sustainable building techniques including ground source heating, recycled aluminium roofing, natural ventilation and a Sustaina- ble Urban Drainage system. • We use only Forest…

… (38%), followed by residential buildings (27%). Within the residential sector, the use of natural gas (e.g. for heating, hot water and cooking) accounts for the majority of GHG emissions. Non-domestic buildings collectively account for around 25% of total emissions. Emissions from aviation make up around 8% of the overall total; these are based on UK-wide aviation emissions, allocated to Newcastle…


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