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West Sussex County Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… • LED lighting • Loft insulation • Cavity wall insulation • Roof insulation • External wall insulation and replacement windows • Replace windows • Reduce need for fossil fuels • Hybrid heat pumps • Heating system controls • Variable speed pumping • Building Energy Management Systems • Renewable Installations (this is explored in greater detail in a separate section) Hybrid heat pumps…

…. Human activity has already led to 1°C of global warming from pre-industrial levels, which is resulting in damaging impacts on lives, infrastructure and ecosystems that are apparent today. As a result, we need to both mitigate and adapt to climate change The predicted impacts of climate change in West Sussex include more frequent and intense flooding, drought, episodes of extreme heat

… and stormier conditions. These impacts are expected to lead to an increase in heat-related deaths, particularly amongst the elderly, damage to essential infrastructure, reduced availability of drinking water, increased cost of food, disruption to supply chains and service provision, sea level rises, greater coastal erosion and impact on coastal habitats and wetlands. Today, we are already seeing some…

… they change their behaviours. 2. Reduce our demand for fossil fuel based energy a) Move away from gas heating Decarbonising heating will be one of the key challenges we have to overcome to meet our net carbon zero target. Conversion of the existing gas network to hydrogen, or green gas is not considered likely to occur within our 2030 timeframe, (although a wider UK Government strategy for heat

… is expected this year). Reducing our gas demand will be key to achieving our target. 5 b) Increase on site renewables Moving away from gas for our heating, and also a shift towards electric for our transport will mean an increase in our reliance on electricity. Although decarbonisation of the national electricity grid has increased rapidly in recent years, with 2019 being the first year…


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