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Waverley Borough Council

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… of emissions versus costs. 2020 D £ L O11 Improvements in Energy Efficiency at Farnham Leisure Centre –  Install a 90 kW Combined Heat and Power Plant. Project details provided by a technical report  Installation of pool covers to reduce evaporation, heat loss from the pool will reduce the need for ventilation from the pool hall.  Replace 12 showers in the members changing rooms with ones…

… an element of heat loss and some new technologies essential to future decarbonisation will not be readily available until post 2030. We anticipate that new actions to offset carbon locally such as Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs)3 will close this gap. The council will investigate all possible options to sequester carbon locally including, tree preservation and afforestation, rewilding…

… that have reduced flow rate.  Fit insulation jackets on steel sand filters. 2021 D/E Appro x. £300k L W W Carbon Neutrality Action Plan – V10 Final 27  Replace the existing pool hall and gym windows with new triple glazing with a double soft heat reflective coating.  Review operation of AHU and explore more efficient options. O12 Haslemere Leisure Centre - Replace…


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