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Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

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… this report, all greenhouse gas emissions are given in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent. 1.10 The GHG Protocol divides the emissions into three scopes: - • Scope 1: Direct emissions from our organisation, e.g., from burning fuels such as natural gas for heating or fuel for company cars. • Scope 2: Indirect emissions from purchased electricity. • Scope 3: Other indirect emissions…

… schemes and local biodiversity & conservation schemes. Modelled outputs and Financial Implications 2.11 LASER modelled six separate scenarios to assess the carbon and high-level financial implication. Detailed analysis on the modelling can be found both in the Corporate Carbon Descent Plan and the LASER report 2.12 The models included the following assumptions: - • 60% of gas heating

… moved to Heat Pumps, insulate those buildings for 20% reduction in heat loss. • 40% roll out LED lighting in all TWBC buildings where practicable. Page 10 of 20 Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Report of the Climate Emergency Advisory Panel - Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan • 10% reduction in streetlighting - switch offs or further trimming and dimming to reduce energy use…

… by 2030. • 0%, 5% and 40% estate rationalisations used for examples/demonstration purposes only i.e., to gain some insight into building reduction and impact on carbon emissions. • 50% - 70% reduction in own fleet and grey fleet mileage. • Moving to 80% of Gas Heat Pumps, insulate those buildings for 20% reduction in heat loss and 60% LED’s including investment in ‘Power Purchase…

…, with more detailed assessment supported by specialists in 2023, 2026 and 2028. 3.3 The long-term future of the Council’s estate will need to be considered when bringing forward specific carbon reduction opportunities (CROs), such as insulation, heat pumps, LED’s, and rooftop solar PV. 3.4 A key emphasis will be on enhancing knowledge sharing and integration across internal council-led teams…


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