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Gloucester City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… and from 2007 to 2010 it adopted a Climate Change Strategy. This too was a rolling programme with an annually updated series of projects. Some noticeable items in the original 2007 document that have been successfully implemented include:  the Combined Heat and Power plant at GL1  An energy efficient new depot at Eastern Avenue  A Car Club for Gloucester City residents  A turbine on Alney island…

… action. The list is not comprehensive but covers some of the main elements that are likely to form part of a Climate Change strategy. 3.10 Reduce emissions/energy efficiency Clearly the drive and first port of call should be to reduce emissions from our estate, and by the City as a whole. This can be achieved through the use of energy efficient appliances such as LED lights, or ensuring heat

… in our building is not lost to atmosphere through insulation. 3.11 Generate Clean Energy No energy is entirely carbon free, but clearly renewables such as wind, hydro and solar are very low carbon and the City and Council should be looking to maximise use of such energy sources for its consumption. Ground source heat pumps rely on low carbon electricity to drive them and bio-fuels will vary…

… with landlords to ensure that properties are well insulated, heated appropriately and are not a detriment to human health, often done through the long standing ‘Warm and Well’ programme. In terms of the Council’s own estate, the move from the Docks complex to Shire Hall will have saved significant carbon, and the continued roll out of LEDs and other efficiencies will have made our building stock more…

… and did not identify any potential or actual negative impact, therefore a full PIA was not required. 13.0 Community Safety Implications 13.1 It has been identified that increasingly unstable weather conditions could impact upon broader community safety with regard to flooding and heat stress. The report recognises this and begins to detail measures that will address the issues. 14.0 Staffing &…


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