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Tewkesbury Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… to generate or offset a lower overall energy need. A selection of the opportunities identified include: SITE Highlights Cost Savings p.a. CO2e Savings (Tonnes p.a.) Tewkesbury Council Offices Optimising the heating to match demand by using weather compensation; Replacing the air conditioning units supplying the server room £17,359 (32%) 89.95 (65%) Roses Theatre Improved heating control

… with this uncertainty based on the condition of the current heating systems in each on the properties and when a decision needs to be taken for replacement. For example, the Leisure Centres heating system is a modern, well maintained gas powered plant with CHP and a design life beyond 2030, whereas the Civic offices heating is similarly gas powered but older technology and will not last to 2030 and therefore…

… for 3 years)  Leisure Centre data counting energy generated from its combined heat and power plant within their CO2 emissions calculations, meaning actual emission levels are significantly lower than provided data indicates  Tenants being unable to provide any billing data to verify their consumption Missing data:  Water consumption at the Roses Theatre  All data at the Sports…

… of a range of no cost, low cost and capital cost (where replacement of ‘end of life’ equipment is necessary) measures that would significantly lower energy demand levels. By reducing energy demand as much as possible, ahead of implementation of the major heating and renewable energy installations, appropriately sized solutions are possible, lowering installations cost given that they are required…

… (temperature and weather related occupancy control); Air Source Heat Pump driven heating supply £4,425 (65%) 41.82 (80%) 5 The Action Plan has been developed with the following priorities, presented in level of importance: 1. Energy consumption is controlled and managed, reflecting demand times, levels (temperature for example) and relative to external weather conditions as necessary…


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