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Southampton City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…), methane and nitrous oxide have been steadily increasing in the last 100 years due to human activities. These gases absorb heat from the sun and are causing global temperatures to increase. It is estimated that average temperatures have increased 1.5oC in the industrial era and as a consequence we are now experiencing more extreme weather conditions. Heatwaves and flooding are predicted to affect…

… National Park, Southampton Water, the Solent and the range of protected environments within them. Access to plants and animals improves human health and wellbeing. Trees alone defend against extreme heat, floods and air pollution, estimated to be worth approximately £1.3 million to Southampton annually. However, the extent of habitat available to wildlife in the city is declining and becoming…

…. • Launch an Urban Canopy Project to focus planting on public land to encourage biodiversity and provide other benefits such as improved air quality, flood reduction and heat mitigation through the provision of shade. • Increase urban tree numbers by accessing the Urban Tree Challenge Fund. • Undertake a review of citywide Tree Preservation Orders to provide protection for existing trees…


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