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London Borough of Islington

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… heating requirements such as space heating and water heating. Heat Pump: The most energy efficient form of electric heating available. Heat pumps operate by transferring heat from a cold space (e.g. outdoors) and releasing it into a warmer one. Glossary 17 Hydrogen Fuel Cell: An energy source that converts hydrogen and oxygen into water and electricity; it does not produce any carbon…

… into the meter. This is usually the most expensive way to buy electricity. Retrofit: Making physical amendments to existing buildings to make them more energy efficient, including replacing heating systems and installing insulation and solar panels. RHI: Renewable Heat Incentive. A government scheme that subsidises the installation of domestic and commercial heat pumps. Scope 1 Emissions: Direct…

… problems e.g. air source heat pumps can potentially dump heat on neighbouring properties during the warm summer months. 12Accelerated electrification and the GB electricity system, p18 13National Grid ESO Electricity Capacity Report, p34 26 Regional and national policies a. Many of the policies required to help Islington to become a net zero carbon borough are set at the regional (London…

…) or national level and as such are beyond the council’s control. b. A relaxation of energy efficiency standards for new buildings, Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard, the removal of the mechanism for councils to create a carbon offset fund, or the withdrawal of support for electric vehicles or heat pumps would adversely impact our net zero carbon efforts. c. The decarbonisation of public transport…


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