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London Borough of Camden

Direct link to citizens' assembly (PDF)

… scheme  The council or an expert partner should pilot the use of a central heat pump for several  homes, ideally in a mixed residency area, to demonstrate the technology. This should be used  to create publicity, with public facing explanations of the technology and the existing  subsidies for installation and output. The council could issue a corporate bond with a  repayment term of 25 years to fund…

… the installation of central heat pumps.  Strongly agree  Agree  Disagree  Strongly  disagree  DNV / Spoilt  Ballot  76%  22%  0%  2%  0%      15      8. Install more segregated cycle lanes  The council, Transport for London and the Greater London Authority should install more  segregated cycle lanes to allow more people to cycle, rather than using cars. Cycle lanes  should easily stand out…

…      TIMESCALES  ● Feasibility + community engagement and suggestions  Community led! (1 year)  ● 2-3 years for delivery  7. Pilot a community energy heating scheme  WHICH IDEA IS BEING DEVELOPED? ● Community energy generation schemes ACTIONS  ● District Heating  ○ Heat Pumps  ○ Cooling system  ○ subsidies existing  ○ tech is proven, but complicated to explain  ○ pilot scheme  ○ → then roll out  ○ take…

… gas out of home (health?)  ○ Repayment Period 10 years BOND  ● A pilot of…  ● One central heat pump for several homes.  ○ digging street / installing  ○ → ideally a mixed residency area of  ○ council tenants  ○ leaseholders  ○ property owners  ● This idea has been implemented in Canada  ○ look at how it was achieved + create a resource that explains how it could be  done  ● Explain the existing…


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