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Reading Borough Council

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… from coal to gas and now renewable sources such as biomass, wind and solar, the carbon intensity of electricity from the National Grid has decreased significantly. With more renewable sources coming online, the carbon intensity of electricity is predicted to half by 2030, whilst natural gas carbon intensity is due to rise, as illustrated in Figure 4.4 below. 2008 2020 2030 Heat pump/gas…

… Report to Parliament’ (2019), now advocate a move away from gas heating and towards heating by electrical means. Heat pumps are seen as the best technology to fill this gap, as they efficiently use the renewable heat from the natural environment (ground, air or water) for space and water heating. Electricity is used by the heat pump to transfer and compress heat from the natural resource…

… and transfer it to where it is needed. Heat pumps are considered highly efficient, when designed and sized appropriately, as they can be 300-500% efficient (3-5 units of energy are produced for every 1 unit of energy put in), compared to a 90% efficient boiler. To meet the net zero target, the authority must therefore shift its heating from fossil fuel to electrical, and principally heat pumps

… may be parked overnight, and this needs to be considered when planning the fleet change over. 4.2.2 Action plan Sector Action Predicted saving tCO2 (% reduction) Timing Building estate Electrify heating - Install heat pumps Phase 1 – installation of first four heat pumps in buildings Phase 2 Installation of further 5 heat pumps Phase 3 Installation of further 8 heat

… with in the decarbonisation section as electricity is used to run the heat pumps which rely on these sources. However, unless this electricity is from a renewable source this is not ‘pure’ renewable energy. Since the Feed in Tariff subsidy was introduced in 2010, the cost of solar panel installations has reduced to around a quarter of their original price. Whilst the subsidy has been discontinued for new connections…


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