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Tewkesbury Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… (temperature and weather related occupancy control); Air Source Heat Pump driven heating supply £4,425 (65%) 41.82 (80%) 5 The Action Plan has been developed with the following priorities, presented in level of importance: 1. Energy consumption is controlled and managed, reflecting demand times, levels (temperature for example) and relative to external weather conditions as necessary…

… and securing appropriate quotes for phase 1 works 3. Production of full Business Case detail of all relevant Action Plan activities to support informed decision making 4. Coordination of any necessary feasibility studies for the Heat Pump and/or Solar Panel scenarios 5. Increase the level of sub-metering of services so as to enable accurate and specific reporting of impacts to be made 6…

… of the heating sector has been decarbonised largely by using heat pumps.  Greener gas: represents a future in which heat is primarily provided by low carbon hydrogen.5 The lack of certainty at a national level in relation to the decarbonisation of gas presents real challenges in terms of long-term technology choices. The stance taken in relation to individual council properties deals…

… tariffs as a belt and braces approach for any final imported energy demand remaining Additionally it is advised that, as far as possible, all gas consumption is removed, converting to electricity. This relates predominantly to all space heating as well as water heating at the Leisure Centre. Once demand reduction or energy efficiency has been optimised the solution focuses on utilising Heat

Pump technology which delivers vastly improved efficiencies compared to more traditional and currently utilised combustion systems. The emissions from the remaining electricity demand are negated through the installation of photovoltaic (solar power) systems. Each Action Point has a commentary provided showing the implications of implementation in addition to suggested next steps required…


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