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London Borough of Southwark

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… the prospect of meeting the commitments set out in the Paris Agreement, it is essential that policies in response to the economic crisis avoid locking nations into carbon intensive pathways, and instead steer economies towards a resilient green recovery. In 2020, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) called for the UK government to use the economic recovery to accelerate the shift towards a low-carbon…

… calls. Within Southwark, these principles are also a valuable guide for our recovery from COVID-19, and we will be applying the same principles to guide our recovery. The C40 Cities group has also published an overview of principles which it recommends should inform this Green Recovery. Decisiveness will be required as we recover from this crisis, responding with policy that is centred around…

… the resilience, health and wellbeing of local communities. COVID-19 dominates decision making now. Southwark, and others have had to allocate resources and shift focus to respond to the pandemic. Revenues have been adversely affected, and social distancing measures have presented barriers to public 19 consultation on climate action measures. However, the prospect of a green recovery

… into the office, they are doing so by bicycle in increasing numbers. The proportion of cyclists increased two-or even three-fold during the summer months in 2020.  Lobbying National Government – As policymakers shape the economic recovery, local government is in a unique position to influence government policy in the pursuit of a green recovery. In turn, this could stimulate low carbon activities…


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