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Including the closely related terms poverty, and fuel poverty.

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West Devon Borough Council

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… related mortality, and rising energy prices can result in increased fuel poverty. These health impacts can also become mentally harmful, those directly affected by flooding can have their lives upended, and needing months sometimes years to recover.7 Many people are already feeling anxiety, fear, and grief due to the changes that are happening now across the world and psychologists are seeing a rise…

… local authority and regional carbon dioxide emissions national statistics: 2005 to 2017 14 BEIS (2019) Renewable electricity by local authority 15 MHCLG (2020) Energy Performance of Buildings Data England and Wales. Available at: 16 BEIS (2020), Sub-Regional Fuel Poverty, 2018 data. Available at:


… rated above C or above, and 38% in 2018. Meaning many of our homes continue to be energy inefficient resulting in higher greenhouse gas emissions. Fuel Poverty is also a related issue, inefficient homes can lead to excess energy bills for some of the poorest in our society and the health impacts of living in a cold or damp home can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory ill health as well…

…-poverty-data-2020 17 Defra (2020), Local authority collected waste generation from April 2000 to March 2019 (England and regions) and local authority data April 2018 to March 2019. Table 1: Local Authority Collected and Household Waste Statistics 2014-15 to 2018-19, England 18 DfT (2012) , How often people cycle, for any length or purpose (at local authority level) (CW011) 19 Calculated from…


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