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Dorset Council

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… underway to raise awareness and change behaviour in what should not be flushed in order to protecting streams, local rivers and beaches from damage and pollution What Not to Flush – Litter Free Dorset • Flood protection & resilience • Portesham Flood Alleviation Scheme completed • 9 projects helping to reduce flood risk - being supported through the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme…

… Page | 19 Next Steps • Continue to explore and expand opportunities for natural drainage and flood management schemes • Work with partners to continue to raise awareness of water use, pollution flood risk • Work with partners and through the Dorset Local Resilience Forum to raise awareness of climate risks…

… managed by Dorset AONB • Supporting natural flood management – Over 40 natural flood management structures installed to slow the flow of flood water in two catchments • Climate resilience project for Weymouth - BRIC Building resilience in flood disadvantaged communities - (£106K). • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) working group established F o o d & D ri n k W a te r…

… in farmed landscape • Dorset AONB secured £1.3 million funding from Farming in Protected Landscapes programme. In the first year, distributed £212K to 40 projects. This includes, amongst other projects, supporting: o 0.77 ha of woodland creation o 1482 ha of land being managed with regenerative farming techniques o 6 projects to improve the soil quality o 9 projects helping to reduce flood risk

… • Protecting and enhancing ecological value, sequestration & resilience in Dorset • Litter Free Dorset (LFD) with Dorset Council delivering #Loveyourverge campaign to reduce litter and improve quality of verges • Dorset coast forum (DCF) delivering engagement messaging with the flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) to make communities more resilient and informed • DCF project…


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