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East Devon District Council

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…. Maintain and deliver flood and coastal defence schemes. This includes: • Beach Management Plans and coastal defences • Sustainable drainage systems • Flood defence measures • Property level resilience • Natural flood management • Partnership working and collaboration with other risk management authorities • Influence spatial planning to implement the principles of the Strategy…

… 2020 JG Develop a methodology to assist Service managers to assess the impact of climate change on their Service. Identify where natural flood management approaches can be used to increase carbon sequestration and deliver improved catchment management. Identify opportunities for carbon sequestration and adaption in coastal areas where management of natural processes can aid flood defence

… and reduce coastal erosion. December 2020 JG Develop an approach that provides for carbon offsetting and carbon sinks. EDDC CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION PLAN 2020 – 2040 (Ten Point Plan v7) ADAPTATION Objective 10 EDDC will consider the effects of climate change on policy…

… of existing buildings (public and private sector); (4) protecting and enhancing the natural environment; (5) water supply and flood protection; (6) transport and travel; (7) purchasing and consumption; (8) community resilience; (9) education, communication and influencing behaviour. We need to be brave and bold if we are genuinely committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring residents…

… on the Council Ensuring that planting in open spaces owned or managed by the Council is drought resistant and requires less watering. March 2021 AH Adopt a fresh planting regime that has regard to climate change implications. Objective 9 EDDC will continue to manage the risk of coastal and fluvial flooding in East Devon in collaboration with partners and work to improve flood resilience


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