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Fife Council

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…, especially those involving urban greening offer a wide range of benefits over and above carbon sequestration: cleaning air, reducing flood risk, and reducing the impact of climate change by providing shade and health benefits. The Scottish Government is committed to reversing the deforestation of Scotland and is committed to planting 10,000 hectares of new woodland every year to help absorb…

… units, schools, landfill sites, parks, woodlands, and care homes to social housing units.  In conjunction with community planning partners, the Council also sets planning, transport, waste and housing policy and makes strategic decisions about where and how Fife should be developed in the future, and how environmental risks such as flooding are managed. These decisions will shape Fife’s future…

…. The stable climate that society and the economy is based on can no longer be assumed, so society must adapt infrastructure and our way of life to cope with the changed climate. Fife Council is committed to making its region as resilient as possible to the physical impacts of climate change such as flooding and sea-level rise, so that its people, environment, assets and livelihoods can thrive despite…

… (2017-27), 2017 11 vulnerable in society will be the least able to adapt to changing weather patterns or respond to extreme events like flooding and will need greater assistance if they are to thrive despite climate change. Many of those at the front line of climate risks have the least capacity to respond whether that is because of economic disadvantage, health concerns or other…


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