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London Borough of Brent

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… buildings and infrastructure were not built to withstand the predicted higher external temperatures and levels of rainfall. Heatwaves are likely to become increasingly common, and the risk of overheating, and therefore of heat-related health problems or mortality, is projected to increase significantly in the coming decades. Flood risk will also increase, potentially leading to displacement, high…

… the devastating effects of climate change. 2020 was the hottest year ever recorded and was punctuated by volatile and unprecedented weather around the globe, whether it be wildfires in Australia or floods in the UK. 2021 has begun in the same vein, with severe flooding in Wales and the north of England already this year. The climate risk to Brent is no different. If we do not act, it is inevitable…

… the Climate and Ecological Emergency mean for Brent? It is widely agreed by climate scientists that if urgent action is not taken within the next decade to reduce emissions and limit global heating, the damage done to our climate and ecosystems will be irreversible. In Brent, the effects are likely to be most acutely felt through more intense heatwaves, droughts, floods and biodiversity loss…

… inefficiency in homes can also help to reduce fuel poverty and ensure some of our most vulnerable residents are living in warm and comfortable homes. We will also need to ensure that homes in the borough are resilient to the predicted impacts of global heating – flooding, heatwaves and drought. 21 Key Theme 3 – Homes, Buildings and the Built EnvironmentHow will Brent get there? The key areas…


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