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Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… Calderdale Climate Action Plan for 2023-26 CALDERDALE ACTION PLAN 2023-26 CLIMATE OUR PATH TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE Tackling Climate Change is a challenge all of us will face. Here in Calderdale, it’s a challenge we are ready to tackle. We’ve gone through devastating floods and learned a lot about taking action…

… in flood defence measures. Adaptation measures can be anything from planting a tree to provide shade and help with water run-off to building houses which keep us cool. In the UK the Government has a National Adaptation Programme (NAP) which includes actions the Government and other organisations like the Environment Agency can take to adapt to future impacts so we can keep going about our daily lives…

…/publications/third-national-adaptation-programme-nap3 • Green jobs for a changing economy • Resilient businesses (commercial spaces resilient to overheating and flooding, IT systems, suitable workers’ conditions) • Green streets (planting and maintaining trees, plants, and sustainable urban drainage systems) • Resilient roads and public transport infrastructure • Natural flood management

… and National Government. • Natural Flood Management (NFM): NFM must happen on a large scale to have a big impact. This means national action and funding. • Building standards: This is something that is difficult to raise locally so we need to work regionally and nationally to make it happen. • Resources: (financial, jobs, advice) are needed to deliver and play our part in the Plan. We must find…

… dangerous, planet-warming gases. Fossil fuels have warmed the planet by more than 1°C above pre- industrial levels and altered the climate. We can see the impacts of climate change outside our window: our seasons are changing. You may have noticed that in the last decade, flooding in Calderdale has been worse than ever before. Worryingly, this is a pattern that is also being seen across the world…


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