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Halton Borough Council

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…, parks and open spaces, amenity green space and cycle and pedestrian routes). (Halton Local Plan Policy CS21). Develop guidance for developer. Summer 2023 Divisional Manager Planning PL3 Through the Local Plan, the Council will seek to ensure that development will only be permitted where there is no flood risk (Halton Local Plan policy HE9). Develop guidance for developer. Summer 2023…

…. These also increase severe weather events impacting on our local communities. Warmer temperatures over time are changing weather patterns and disrupting the usual balance of nature. This poses many risks to human beings and all other forms of life. The impacts of climate change are being felt locally most notably in increased flooding, storms and heatwaves. Nearly all land areas are seeing more hot…

… days and heat waves; Higher temperatures increase heat-related illnesses and can make it more difficult to work and move around. Wildfires start more easily and spread more rapidly when conditions are hotter. Changes in temperature cause changes in rainfall. This results in more severe and frequent storms. They cause flooding and landslides, destroying homes and communities, costing millions…

…) infections. Extreme weather including storms and flooding are also associated with injury, death, strain on health services and adverse mental health impacts. In the longer term, increased food and water insecurity is anticipated as a result of climate change, which has massive health impacts. 9 What we’ve done to date The Council has already taken significant action to reduce its carbon…


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