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Buckinghamshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… in helping Buckinghamshire mitigate and adapt to a changing climate and air pollution. Actions taken so far include: installing solar photovoltaic systems, energy efficiency measures and electric vehicle charging points, flood risk management projects, and new walking and cycling routes. In addition, our Air Quality Action Plans detail measures to improve local air quality in areas where…

…. They address: emission reductions from sources such as buildings and waste; air pollutant sequestration, absorption, or screening; and managing flood risk. The ‘Governance’ section sets out how we manage the strategy to ensure continual improvement – taking advantage of future developments as they arise to improve delivery. Tackling climate change and poor air quality presents significant opportunities…

… related to home working. Adaptation Adapting to climate change and poor air quality means putting in place measures to minimise or overcome the impacts now and in the future. Specific examples of climate change adaptation measures can include: installing better flood defences or storing rainwater to overcome periods of little or no rainfall in the summer. Many adaptation measures also help…

… – thereby preventing flooding. Trees, and green roofs and walls, also cool the air – this helps reduce the amount of energy required for cooling buildings thereby saving the emissions associated with producing the energy. Green roofs and walls also act as an additional layer of insulation on a building and this helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool it. There are ancillary benefits…


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