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Gedling Borough Council

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… thermal mass and insulation within buildings; o Integrating new development with existing green networks and incorporation of sustainable drainage systems to help to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change such as flood risk. o Minimising water consumption; o Minimising the use of primary minerals, re-use of existing materials and sustainably sourced local materials…

…, hotter and drier summers and an increasing frequency of intense weather extremes. Here in the East Midlands, we can expect the most visible impacts of climate change to be an increase in unstable weather conditions, including an increase in flooding and intense storms due to the ability of warmer air to hold more water vapour, making rainfall more intense. In addition, as global temperatures…

… the effects of a changing climate by helping to prevent flooding, reduce urban temperatures and pollution, provide shade and improve biodiversity by helping to keep soil nutrient rich. Thus, they play a notable role in mitigating against the worst effects of climate change and consequently help to improve the resilience of the Borough to climate related threats. To help facilitate carbon sequestration…


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