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Lewes District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…, especially in the south-east, affecting health, infrastructure and the natural environment. The potential for water scarcity and subsidence also appears to be a greater issue here, again with south-east England being at greatest risk. Flooding (coastal and inland), storms, lightning and high winds also play their part in the present and future climate related risks across the whole of England…

… and consequences of pests, pathogens and invasive species, negatively affecting terrestrial, freshwater and marine priority habitats species, forestry and agriculture. • The risk of climate change impacts, especially more frequent flooding and coastal erosion, causing damage to our infrastructure services, including energy, transport, water and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT…

… of increasing high temperatures on people’s health and wellbeing and changes in household energy demand due to seasonal temperature changes. • Increased severity and frequency of flooding of homes, communities and businesses. • The viability of coastal communities and the impact on coastal businesses due to sea level rise, coastal flooding and erosion. • Disruption to the delivery of health…


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