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Cheltenham Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… the start of temperature recording, 10 of the warmest years have been since 2002 and there is a trend of increasing temperatures. Higher temperatures result in an increase in heat-related illness and death, particularly in vulnerable groups, including the elderly and very young. As time goes on, we will notice more changes to our environment and an increase in extreme weather events. Some…

… of failing to act are often presented in negative terms, with the threats of extreme weather, migration crises, widespread poverty and much more besides. I like to point out the positives of taking the necessary action. If we have more plentiful clean energy supplies and energy efficient homes, fuel poverty will fall. If we promote and protect nature, our world will be more beautiful. If we switch…

… ecosystems and lifeforms can adapt. We have already witnessed evidence of the climate emergency happening right now, with an increase in the prevalence of floods, droughts and fires around the world, including devastating climate events across the UK this year too. It is likely that these events will get more frequent and fierce if carbon emissions continue unchecked. Preventing this requires urgent…

… of these are hard to predict accurately, such as shortages of public water supply and problems with food production. However, this mitigation pathway will consider how we can become a more closely-knit community which knows where to turn in the face of an extreme event and how we will prepare and adapt to changes that come our way. Not only will climate mitigation and adaptation help to address…


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