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South Gloucestershire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… of climate change Locally climate change is likely to have big impacts on the amount of rain and extreme heat we experience such as the temperatures experienced in the UK during the summer of 2018. These extreme weather events are likely to happen at least every other year by 2040 if temperatures continue to rise at current rates, for example May 2020 tied with May 2016 as being the hottest May ever…

… and rivers, y Making sure that services are not disrupted during extreme weather events (delivered remotely where possible), y Designing new buildings so they can withstand heatwaves without the need for energy intensive air conditioning, and adjusting existing buildings and the way we use them to withstand extremes of temperature, y Building new highways for walking, cycling and vehicles…

… to be designed to withstand extreme weather, particularly flooding and heat, y Planting trees and vegetation to provide habitat, summer shading, and to slow down heavy rainfall which causes flooding incidents, y Protecting, improving, increasing, and joining up areas of woodland, grassland and wetland to help nature thrive and withstand new pressures, y Growing food locally, y Reducing waste…

… Climate change and equalities Climate change will affect some groups in society more than others. This will depend on a range of factors such as where you live, your age, your health, your home, how much money you have and how much access to the natural world you have. For example it is likely that the local impacts of climate change will lead to more frequent extreme weather

events and cause greater extremes in outdoor temperatures, which can have a worse impact on older people and young children who are generally less able to regulate their body temperature. Those on lower incomes are likely to experience greater impacts from climate change which can be related to poor quality housing, lack of access to nature and poor transport options. We want to ensure…


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