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London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

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… and climate events can inflict huge human and financial costs on society. A report by Christian Aid showed that in 2018 there were losses totalling $84.8 billion from the 10 most expensive extreme weather-related events, which doesn’t include the myriad other weather events and climate shifts that impact on people. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change suggests that climate…

… not be as severe as in developing countries or some coastal areas, there is a need to ensure that the borough is prepared for the adverse impacts of climate change such as extreme weather events, increased temperatures with risks to health from heat waves, greater pressure on water resources, damage to existing natural habitats, as well as demand for increasingly limited resources. Extreme weather

… of anticipated changes Potential impacts for Richmond Extreme events Increase in frequency of extreme weather events Heat waves could have a major effect on mortality in the UK with greater frequency of record- breaking temperatures and longer consecutive days of higher than average temperatures being recorded. Rainfall extremes are generally projected to increase, particularly during winter…

… but with drier long summers Severe heat waves can impact on vulnerable residents in particular, such as the very young, very old and those who are severely ill. There has been an increase in damage to council infrastructure caused by weather events (e.g. trees, roads, pathways) and an increasing propensity for insurance claims against the Council. Severe winter weather events could cause widespread…

… impacts throughout the borough with school closures and increased number of hospital admissions. Extreme events will mean that wildlife species displacement will become more common. Prevalence of disease, pests and non-native species will become more frequent Water Supply Water shortages Changing rainfall patterns leading to unpredictable rainfall and water shortages. Water shortages…


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