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Chorley Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… such as air source heat pumps and away from gas or oil, improving the insulation of our homes to prevent heat loss and encouraging higher sustainable standards in new homes such as BREAAM. Priority Six: Promote low carbon incentives and enable access to government funding within the Borough for low carbon technology. There are increasingly more opportunities for grant funding for Council’s…

… er g y ef fi ci en cy a nd d ec ar b o ni sa ti o n o f b ui ld in g s. Climate Change Strategy / 2022 - 2024 PRIORITY ACTION LEAD COMPLETION DATE Lobby National Government in writing to ensure low carbon energy, EV charging points and increased insulation is available for everyone within housing developments. Enabling powers through planning and the white paper…

… the insulating effect of certain gases in the atmosphere, which allow solar radiation to warm the earth and then prevent some of the heat from escaping. HVO Hydrogenated vegetable oil, a biofuel derived from used cooking oils, residual fats from food processing and non-food grade crops. Used as an alternative to conventional diesel. Invasive species A non-native organism whose introduction within…


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