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Buckinghamshire Council

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… for installing insulation and other energy efficiency measures (to reduce energy demand) and a solar PV system. The feasibility study was conducted by ReEnergise and funded by the Rural Community Energy Fund. In July 2022 the results of the assessment were published. It concluded that the best option would be for air source heat pumps to be installed when the (relatively new) existing boilers…

… reach the end of their lives. Cavity wall, loft or roof insulation, and point of use (PoU) water heaters could reduce heat and hot water demand on the Campus by nearly 20%. The installation of solar PV panels on the roofs could provide as much as 450MWh of electricity, which equates to about 63% of actual demand. Imagery ©2022 Getmapping plc, Infoterra Ltd & Bluesky, Maxar Technologies…

… to a successful planning application). Under the existing agreement the Council will build a sustainable and environmentally focused new facility (including high levels of insulation, a heat pump and electric vehicle charging points) to South Central Ambulance Services’ design and specification. South Central Ambulance Services would then lease the facility through a long-term rental arrangement…


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