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Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… by leveraging funding such as CERT and ECO to help improve the insulation of homes. Additionally promoting the Green-homes grant local authority delivery scheme. • These examples demonstrate some of the terrific, inspiring action from Tameside Council but we realise that there is still much more to do to meet the dual challenges of climate change and environmental protection across the borough…

…. Sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) can also cope with extreme rainfall – preventing flash floods. Green roofs work to reduce the heat lost by buildings and providing better insulation in winter months, decreasing a buildings energy use. As well as vegetation, the presence of open bodies of water, such as ponds, can assist with the cooling of surrounding areas and in reducing daytime temperatures. Water…

…: • Ensure the energy efficiency of buildings is maximised through insulation and other fabric-first interventions, better smart building controls and embrace new low-energy alternatives such as LED lighting; • Replace gas heating and cooking appliances with electric alternatives* • Maximise renewable energy generation opportunities and purchase any remaining electricity from renewable sources…


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