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Adur District Council

Direct link to pre-plan (PDF)

… ourselves. This use also applies to business and industrial buildings, adding to our areas overall carbon footprint. Transport and waste make up the remaining bulk of emissions. We can reduce our energy demand by insulating our homes and choosing efficient appliances and goods. We can choose to install renewable technologies or use green energy suppliers, walk…

…/ ENERGY Our aim is for Adur and Worthing to be reduce energy demands from fossil fuel based sources through energy efficiency and improved insulation, powered by affordable, renewable energy, minimising carbon emissions and having efficient, futureproofed infrastructure to keep our towns running. What is already happening locally: Transition Town…

…/ ● Widely promote Government grants and the benefits of installing renewable energy technologies, home insulation and the savings gained, aiming to monitor progress as installations are delivered. ● Significantly expand renewable energy generation throughout Adur and Worthing…

… ● Reduce fossil fuel energy use through insulation, energy efficiency and efficient services programmes for all sectors How we heat, light, cook and use technology, both at work and home, must change significantly to meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement. We need to move away from energy that comes from fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, to using…


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