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Including the closely related terms energy demand, energy, and energy management.

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London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… of their buildings and install low carbon heating Planning Planning: Adopt the highest possible climate standards, and integrate these into planning frameworks, to achieve net-zero developments that secure necessary infrastructure, are well- adapted for a changing climate, and result in a net increase in biodiversity. Energy Energy management: Reduce total and peak energy demand in the borough Energy

… renewable energy. We’ve initiated a programme of energy efficiency retrofitting for our council homes, schools and premises, and are supporting fuel-poor residents to improve their homes. We’ve expanded our electric vehicle charging network to be one of the largest in the UK, aiming to have 1,000 installed by the end of 2021, and we’re replacing our fleet with electric vehicles. We’ve rolled out…

…, and sustainable diets - Poverty and equality, through energy efficient, fuel poverty-proof homes, reskilling for green sectors, and access to clean air and green space. - Green growth and local jobs, including supporting White City biotech and local skills for green jobs - Biodiversity, by increasing and improving green space Additionally, investment in climate resilience will help to avoid costs…

… associated with a more extreme climate down the line. The actions also offer benefits to the council as an organisation, including: - System-wide prevention e.g. lower costs associated with waste collection and poor health - Futureproofing e.g. warmer council homes fit for future minimum standards - Invest-to-save e.g. energy-efficient offices with low heating demand - Invest-to-earn e.g…

… investment in excess of £2 billion, for which investment will be needed from government, businesses and residents. Some of these costs will be defrayed through resulting efficiencies; the net cost to decarbonise the UK is projected to be less than 1% of GDP16. Some investment will result in operational savings: more energy efficient buildings and lower running costs of electric vehicles offer…


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