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North Hertfordshire District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… the Council has worked continuously to reduce our waste, reduce our CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency across the district. In 2007 we signed the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change. In 2009 we published our original Climate Change Strategy, which we updated in 2013. Since then, the Council has passed several motions with the aim of encouraging residents, businesses and Council staff…

… with a view to reducing our energy usage from our own estate. The three key areas of focus, below contribute most to the Council’s carbon footprint and are areas where the Council has the most scope to influence emissions: A. Reducing emissions from the District Council’s estate and operations. B. Reducing the need to travel and improving use of sustainable transport in our operations…

… of renewable energy. As such, use of this management process has the potential to limit greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce future reliance on carbon. NHDC CLIMATE CHANGE STRATEGY 2021-2026 PAGE 7 High biodiversity levels can improve ecosystem reliability and increase the effectiveness of their functions, one of which is carbon capture. Recent research, for example, has shown that high…

… to provide leadership and support for both businesses and residents to switch to renewable energy, and to adapt to the impacts of planning projects. The Council can play an important role as local planning authority, in reducing carbon emissions and providing further supplementary planning guidance to encourage more sustainable development and work towards carbon neutrality. This is especially…


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