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South Cambridgeshire District Council

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… (>1% of b.e.) n/a Action completed in 2020-21 n/a n/a Footway lights (4% of b.e.) 1.7 Install energy saving LED fittings in all council owned streetlights C6) Upgrade our stock of 1,800 streetlights to LED, which will reduce energy consumption and save Parish Councils money 31-Mar-22 Business mileage (7% of b.e.) 1.8 Investigate options to reduce carbon emissions from business mileage…

…) charging 31-Mar-21 1.2 Procure five eRCVs to replace diesel version (ongoing) ongoing 1.3 Develop a new solar pv array to supply low carbon electricity to power these vehicles. 31-Mar-21 South Cambridgeshire Hall (18% of b.e.) 1.4 Complete retrofit of Cambourne office C3) Retrofit our Council Commercial Propety including South Cambs Hall with renewable energy generation and energy efficiency

… Condition Survey including an audit of energy efficiency of existing housing stock relative to zero carbon target 30-Sep-21 2.2 Approve a work programme for insulation measures over the next rour years to narrow the gap on the zero carbon target 31-Dec-21 2.3 Produce an Asset Management Plan 30-Jun-21 2.4 In our Ermine Street Housing Company, analsyse the EPCs of the acquired properties…

… and waste vehicles, including hte investigation of on-site solar panel energy generation B4) Improve the energy efficiency of existing Council housing to reduce carbon impact and running costs C1) In response to global climate crisis e will continue to work towards a zero carbon future by 2050 2.5 Continue to work with partners, including through the Cambridgeshire Energy Partnership…

…, to find ways of supporting and encouraging home energy work, including exploring options for funding and delivering energy efficiency projects for our residents. n/a ongoing n/a 2.6 Oversee delivery of Cambridgeshire Solar Together group-buying scheme for solar pv and batteries in South Cambs Ongoing objective: Provide information and advice to help businesses to understand the benefits…


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