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Derbyshire Dales District Council

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… card data some estimations have had to be made Electricity – electricity consumption has decreased by 5% in comparison to 2021-22. The CO2e factor is decreasing year on year due to a decrease in coal use in electricity generation and an increase in renewable energy Staff business travel – emissions from staff travel have decreased by 39% compared the baseline year of 2019-20 as staff continue…

… emissions of purchased electricity associated with the transmission and distribution of the energy (known as grid losses). WTT (well to tank) – scope 3 upstream emissions of purchased fuels. Cradle-to-gate emissions from raw material extraction up to the point of, but excluding combustion. Total reported emissions The Council’s reported emissions have decreased by 3% compared to 2021-22 and by 27…

… to more use of remote meetings. There has been a slight increase compared to 2021-22 Quantification and reporting methodology The Council has followed the HM Government Environmental Reporting Guidelines: Including streamlined energy and carbon reporting guidance March 2019 and the GHG Protocol Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard, but is not able to report on all categories of scope 3 emissions…

… purchased 747,001 kWh of electricity in 2022-23. This was from 100% renewable sources backed by the relevant Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates from solar, wind, tidal and hydroelectric generation sources. The Council generated 22,832.71kWh of electricity from the solar array on the Town Hall in 2022-23, saving estimated 4.4t of CO2e. …


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