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Borough of Broxbourne

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… Wall is part of the LUF bid submitted in July 2022. 1.9 Deliver programme of climate change training for staff Community Development Manager Sustainability Officer Personnel Climate change e- learning package to be rolled out by Spring 2023 Existing New objective 1.10 Reduce energy usage and waste at Council offices Sustainability Officer Communications Manager…

… Ongoing articles in Staff News in 2023 on how officers can take practical steps to reduce energy consumption and waste Existing New objective based on report that went to Panel in October 2022 6 Objective 2: Reduce the use of petrol and diesel by the Council and minimise emissions Task Responsibility Target Resourcing Programme update – Summer 2022…

… Waste and Recycling Service Policy (which now incorporates recycling collection information for flats sites) was approved. The foreword on this was completely rewritten to focus more on environmental sustainability, encouraging focus on resource consumption, and to reduce unnecessary waste i.e. prevention and reuse options being just as important as recycling…

… income households access Government grants for energy efficiency Community Development Manager Sustainability Officer. a) Participation in and promotion of LAD2, Sustainable Warmth (LAD3 HUG1), HUG2 and ECO4 schemes External funding LAD2 funding (£253,000) is being allocated to eligible applicants across the Borough. There were 52 referrals for LAD2 funding…

… Responsibility Target Resourcing Programme update – Summer 2022 Programme update – Spring 2023 RAG status 10.1 Organise an annual event on sustainability for local businesses, to learn about Economic Development Manager, Sustainability Officer. Annual event held virtually Existing An event is in the planning stage to be held at the Theobalds 36 reducing energy


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