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Borough of Broxbourne

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…-out to staff. HCCSP video training shared with Members. 1.10 Reduce energy usage and waste at Council offices. Sustainability Officer Communications Manager Ongoing articles in Staff News in 2023 on how officers can take practical steps to reduce energy consumption and waste Existing New objective based on report that went to Environmental Sustainability Panel…

… sustainability, encouraging focus on resource consumption, and to reduce unnecessary waste i.e. prevention and reuse options being just as important as recycling. New signage for recycling points being finalised. A Men’s Shed initiative is now in situ at Cedars Park, which offers making and mending opportunities. A second Men’s Shed is being considered at Wormley. 8.4…

… Government grants for energy efficiency improvements to their homes. Community Development Manager Sustainability Officer. a) Participation in and promotion of LAD2, Sustainable Warmth (LAD3 HUG1), HUG2 and ECO4 schemes b) Number of households assisted or advised on accessing these grants. External funding LAD2 funding (£253,000) is being allocated to eligible…

… Feasibility study undertaken New objective. Dependent on report to Cabinet in March 2023. 1.6 Increase proportion of gas and electricity supply that are from sustainable sources. Procurement Officer At renewal of current energy supplier contract, increase proportion of gas and Could increase the proportion from sustainable sources but it The gas and electric contract…


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