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Flintshire County Council

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… amounts of carbon dioxide – often seen as CO2e. 2.6 As we are already experiencing the effects of climate change it is important that we look proactively to adapt to these impacts by adopting future thinking. This applies to the design and materials used in buildings, flood investigation and mitigation, renewable energy generation, access to green spaces and protection of the natural environment…

… Flintshire County Council’s Carbon Footprint 5.1 Flintshire County Council has, over a number of years, committed to the reduction of carbon emissions through proactive carbon reduction strategies. During this period, approximately 60% of the Council’s carbon emissions from energy sources have been reduced through proactive programmes including conversion of street lighting to LED, utilising energy

… be eliminated. Due to this, the carbon that cannot be removed must be compensated for through generation of renewable energy and carbon offsetting by, for example, tree planting. By generating renewable energy that is then utilised by the Council, we can reduce emissions associated with using energy from the grid. 5.5 The scale and scope of this strategy is informed by a number of key constraints…

… of climate change and achieve net zero carbon as a wider-nation by 2050. The Council has already shown leadership in partnership with development of Parc Adfer waste to energy facility, and continues to work closely with North Wales Economic Ambition Board, Public Service Board and others. 9 C l i m a t e C h a n g e S t r a t e g y…

… from direct burning of fossil fuels for heat, electricity and water use in buildings and energy used to power street lights. Since 2009 a number of programmes have been completed to reduce these emissions from our offices, schools, leisure centres and care facilities. However to achieve carbon neutrality we need to reduce the emissions even further while also considering the impacts of buildings…


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