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Orkney Islands Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… the consultation closed, the Scottish Government also published its Energy Strategy. It reinforced the points in Transport Scotland’s documents and the UK Government announced its intention to mandate EV charge points in new buildings in its forthcoming building standards review. This document, in seeking to map out a path for the uptake of EVs in Orkney, is therefore extremely timely. It is launched…

… between private and public charging is that public charging has a mechanism in place to only allow a charge to start following authorisation; the charger records the energy used; and allows the owner/operator to be paid for the charge provided. PUBLIC charging in this document is defined as charging provided for the use of anyone and it is expected that this will normally be paid…

… be negotiating Orkney’s roads in a mere 5 years from now. Like the best things in life, the EV Strategy has been compiled from the grass roots up. EV owners have come together, under OREF’s wing, to suggest a way forward for EVs in Orkney. But as the document suggests, there’s more to EVs than simply transport, and they could also play a pivotal role in expanding the potential of renewable energy

generation through storage for the benefit of all our community. There are many other advantages, not least a huge reduction in carbon emissions, all of which are outlined in the Strategy. To succeed, this Strategy will need the support of many partners, from central and local government, to private sector businesses, and indeed many hundreds of existing and future EV owners. All I would ask…


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