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Including the closely related terms uses energy, energy strategy, and sustainable energy.

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Orkney Islands Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…, the community in Orkney retained these strategic aims when it reviewed and subsequently launched the Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy: 2017-2025. The reviewed strategy agreed the following vision statement: The ‘Orkney Hydrogen Strategy: The hydrogen islands’ sits within the Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy as a community owned document which seeks to identify how hydrogen can best be applied…

… to continue to develop the commercialisation of green hydrogen and as such: Development of an appropriately scaled hydrogen economy shall fulfil the goals applied in the Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy to create a positive and lasting impact on the local community, private enterprise, industry and the public sector by developing a set of hydrogen specific strategic development themes. These five…

energy strategy (2018)’ which outlines an aspiration to develop affordable, clean and secure energy system in which hydrogen technologies can provide significant advantages for rural communities. In 2009 the community in Orkney published the Sustainable Orkney Energy Strategy defining three overarching aim to bring a strategic direction to its energy ambitions. Ensure Orkney uses energy

… recognised the importance of “A secure, sustainable low carbon island economy driven uniquely by innovation and collaboration, enabling the community to achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets, address fuel poverty and provide energy systems solutions to the world” (SOES, 2017). This Orkney Hydrogen Strategy is designed to sit within the Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy as a community owned…

… document (See Figure 1). Hydrogen spans all five strategic action thematic pillars as set out in the Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy, to support the achievement of Orkney’s low carbon economy. Figure 1 8 Hydrogen can be produced from electricity generated using renewable sources via a process called electrolysis (see Figure 3). The hydrogen produced can be used for multiple applications…


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