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Including 7 closely related terms such as energy use, uses energy, and energy generation.

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Scottish Borders Council

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… be altered or discontinued in order to come to the right decision and the most effective way to implement our Route Map. But none of us in the Borders, rich, poor, young, or old can make this journey on our own. We live in a complex and connected world. Almost everything we do that uses energy, needs transport, or produces waste that affects someone else and the places where we live and love…

… pathways and tougher targets to reach our destination more quickly. Option 3: Net Zero before 2045 - using more creative carbon accounting to reach our destination by deducting our accumulations of ‘positive’ GHG offsets, for example, from peatland soils or forestry, (renewable energy generation (mainly wind turbines) is already accounted for at a national level) 14 from our…

… unproductive for long periods. In the transport sector, sustainable biofuels, and electro-fuels (e.g. hydrogen) produced from renewable electricity will enable more renewable energy usage in commercial road transport, as well as in shipping and aviation. But the 2020s will also need government policies that promote the introduction of low-carbon medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and greater investment…

…: 4 Distribution of carbon rich soils and forestry across the Scottish Borders 4.4 Theme 4 – Energy Energy consumption in our businesses and industrial process and in our homes and lives are a primary source of GHG emissions in the Scottish Borders. Energy consumption in the food chain, for example, is almost equal to 18% of UK’s overall energy use, but most is consumed in space…


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