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Cheltenham Borough Council

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…, to reduce energy use. The second aspect is to ensure that as far as is practicable, the energy used is zero carbon. This means, for example, investing in solar energy and other renewable energy sources. CO2 CO2 CO2 CO2 CO2 CO2 10 10 The third aspect is to invest in external emissions reduction. For example, this could be by investing directly in solar energy

… from the three substations that feed Cheltenham9 was 22,011 kVA. Not all this capacity is within the Borough and not all is likely to be running at full capacity at any time, so renewable energy generated is estimated to save 3,237 t CO2e during the year. Tree cover is estimated at 32% and captures approximately 200 t CO2e a year across the Borough.10 9 In addition…

…. This entity will sell renewable energy directly to local customers, including the Borough Council itself, supported by 100% renewable energy generated outside the Borough. Cheltenham Energy will complement the Climate Action Fund and provide an additional mobilisation force and financial instrument to enable decarbonisation at scale. Preliminary discussions have shown that there is interest…

… investment. It is expected that the Climate Action Fund will prove a helpful mechanism to allocate finances efficiently. One mechanism that could be used to support the expansion of renewable energy in Cheltenham is to operate a “rent a roof scheme” for small scale solar. It is proposed that this be considered independently from the energy provision, as a separate business case supported…

generation outside the Borough. The combination of these activities is to reduce the net carbon footprint to zero. Simultaneously, a wide-reaching engagement and communication campaign is needed, to communicate the benefits of carbon neutrality and also ensure that citizens are fully involved in the project. For example, this could be through a forum like a citizens’ assembly…


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