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Fife Council

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… ways of reducing costs and carbon emissions simultaneously. Typical energy efficiency measures include retrofitting properties with better insulation, installing more efficient space and water heating systems, controls and energy management systems. Climate Fife projects will increase the energy efficiency of Fife’s buildings, assets and infrastructure to reduce energy consumption, associated…

… carbon emissions and energy bills. Projects will improve the performance of building fabric and reduce the energy used by appliances and fittings. Building fabric projects will improve building energy performance by increasing insulation levels and improving glazing standards. Projects targeting energy using appliances and fittings will focus on super-efficient lighting technologies and other…

… Microsoft Word - Climate Fife FINAL 1 Fife Resource Solutions 6th February 2020 Climate Fife: Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (2020-2030) One of Fife Council’s 2 hydrogen hybrid RCVs top left. Image courtesy of Bright Green Hydrogen, 2 Prepared by Fife Resource Solutions…

… emergency. This Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan: Climate Fife sets out the next phase of a Fife-wide approach to tackling the climate emergency and considers the actions that need to be taken urgently to limit the its most harmful impacts. A sea-change is needed in terms of innovation, finance and governance and how business as usual is conducted within Fife Council and within Fife…

… barriers. Fife Council recognises that it will not be possible to achieve any social and economic objectives, as set out in the Plan4Fife, without addressing climate justice. Climate justice is not only about preventing disproportionate impacts to historically marginalized groups, but also about ensuring that everyone shares in the health, economic, and social benefits of a clean energy economy


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