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Aberdeen City Council

Direct link to pre-plan (PDF)

… and / or digital networks across the organisation for them to share and take forward their climate solutions. 7 5. Support to encourage others to follow our lead from every employee outwards to deliver change across the organisation and influence it across the City. 6. Explore dis/incentives, fiscal and / otherwise, to support behaviour change outcomes sought. Group 3: Buildings Energy use from…

…. This may include demanding specific certifications, applying green weightings and other options. And, work with our suppliers to support them on this journey with us. 6. Continue to explore the option / potential to participate in an Energy Supply Company (ESCo) to facilitate delivery of our renewed energy and climate ambitions, initially through the Scottish Public Energy Company option led…

…: Other operations Our LED street lighting transition has been ongoing for several years, resulting in a reduction in energy use, reducing emissions and costs. In addition, work has taken place to explore ‘smart’ lighting systems to increase the control of street lighting. Areas for consideration under this theme include: 1. Continue the streetlighting replacement programme moving to LED lanterns…


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