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Tewkesbury Borough Council

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… options that have been identified for each contributing facet of emissions that range from: enhancing sustainable procurement and implementing energy efficiency measures; through to, increased renewable energy generation and, conversion to an electric vehicle only fleet. Energy surveys were completed at a number of council owned buildings as detailed in section 5. These provided information…

… of a range of no cost, low cost and capital cost (where replacement of ‘end of life’ equipment is necessary) measures that would significantly lower energy demand levels. By reducing energy demand as much as possible, ahead of implementation of the major heating and renewable energy installations, appropriately sized solutions are possible, lowering installations cost given that they are required…

… to somewhere in the order of £55,000. Extra revenue that can be secured from the Renewable Heat Incentive (see section 7.3) and payments for exported energy generated from the solar PV system is estimated at more than £22,000 per annum. This brings total annual costs to around £33,000, delivering annual cost savings of more than 80%. Reflecting on priority 1, the monitoring and targeting of all…

… indirect emissions as per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Section 4 sets out the data requirements for ongoing emissions tracking against the baseline set out in section 3 to support ongoing emissions levels to be recorded and quantified in terms of CO2 emissions; the gap between current performance and achieving a CN2030 standard. Section 5 describes the nature of current energy usage

… to the 2030 target as can be realistically accommodated (taking in to account procurement timescales) in order to benefit from the latest technology available. 2.1.4 WATER 7.21 Tonnes CO2e 0.45% of total emissions While water itself does not emit carbon when used, the emissions from water are associated with its supply, disposal and treatment in the form of the energy used to pump…


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