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Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

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… Council operations and concerns where energy comes from (i.e. the use of non-renewables vs renewables), how efficiently energy is used (such as the energy efficiency of physical capital) and personal behaviours. Potential actions could include investing into energy efficiency improvements of operational buildings and using (and potentially generating) renewable energy, and targeting energy usage

… years. It is recognised that some of the proposed actions will require further investment and support from national government. 3.3 However many of the proposed actions will, over time, result in savings for the Council through introducing more efficient energy supply and usage. In addition many of the actions will contribute to the well-being of Rotherham residents by reducing energy costs…

… behaviours. Such measures will typically necessitate some financial investment however will generally lead to medium and long term cost savings for the Council as well as stimulation of sustainability and renewable energy markets, and job creation within these. 6.6.2 The Council has already been improving efficiency of its energy usage, most recently improving the energy efficiency of street lighting…

… improving material efficiency, it is recommended that energy-use behaviours of all staff are targeted through awareness training. 6.6.3 In order to reduce emissions to a meaningful extent, the Council will consider what steps it can take to decarbonise its energy source. Two options exist here: the first is to switch to a renewable energy provider; the second option would be to explore…

… the potential for investment into renewable energy generation. This latter option would allow the Council to reduce its emissions, while saving energy costs to all operations (approximately £5 million per year) and providing additional revenue through excess energy exported to the national grid. Both options would require significant investment and further exploration of funding and investment…


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