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Including 5 closely related terms such as energy use, energy saving, and energy savings.

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Belfast City Council

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… of options that are already available, but that some of these options would not pay for themselves directly through the energy savings that they would generate. Many of these options would, however, create wider indirect benefits both economically and socially in the city. • This means that although it can achieve significant reductions in emissions by focusing on established cost-effective…

… decarbonisation of electricity in line with government commitments and a continuation of background trends in a) economic and population growth, and b) energy use and energy efficiency. Specific numbers for the key variables taken into account in the forecasts are presented in the technical annex published separately. As with all forecasts, the level of uncertainty attached increases as the time period…

… targets for carbon reduction, we then calculate the annual percentage reductions from the current level that are required to enable an area to stay within its overall carbon budget. (d). Identifying and Evaluating Carbon Reduction Opportunities Our analysis then includes assessment of the potential contribution of approximately 130 energy saving or low carbon measures for: • Households…

… that they generate through the energy savings they secure, meaning the portfolio of measures as a whole has a positive economic impact in present value. These options may also generate indirect benefits, for example through job creation, fuel poverty and improved air quality and public health. • Cost-Neutral (CN) options where the portfolio of interventions mentioned above is expanded to consider…


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